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‘Textalysers’ Coming Soon

Law-makers in New York are rushing to pass legislation to allow its police forces to start using road side device called 'textalysers' in a bid to cut down on distracted driving.
The technology that detects texting behind the wheel has already been developed by Israeli-based company Cellebrite and uses roadside devices that are claimed to be able to detect whether or not your mobile phone is actively sending text messages. However the company claims their devices won’t actually be able to read the content of the messages, nor will it be able to read the contact the messages are being sent to. They also say its textalyser could also help cops investigate traffic accidents as it can also detect whether the handset was being used in the moments leading up to a crash.
Cellebrite was the company that helped the FBI break into an iPhone when it was investigating the recent San Bernardino shooting massacre. 

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