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Man Crashes Hummer Into Diner

According to NBC Washington, a man was taken into custody after ramming his gray Hummer into a restaurant and as a result starting a fire in Virginia on Thursday. 

Employees at the Silver Diner in McLean, Virginia were in the middle of the lunch rush when around 12:30 p.m. the hummer driver backed the vehicle up and rammed the building, striking a patron and trapping him between the SUV and the door. Then, the driver rammed the restaurant the second and third time before his Hummer burst into flames.

Some witnesses reported they tried to save the Hummer driver from his burning vehicle, but he fought them off, however, he was eventually extracted from the vehicle after the witnesses cut his seat belt and pulled him out.

The driver, whose name has not been released, was identified as an employee of the restaurant who had taken bereavement leave on April 5. He had been an employee of the restaurant for two years, and in an official statement the Silver Diner stated that the company had "no indication that the employee would harm himself or others." The unnamed employee was fired in the wake of the incident.

Three people were taken to a local hospital, and one victim was treated at the scene. Police have not indicated yet whether the driver will be charged with a crime.

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