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OMG!! See Car Made From Weed

According to Barcroft media, Bruce Michael Dietzen from Florida has successfully made a sports convertible from Cannabis hemp. The car is touted as possibly leading the charge in making carbon-neutral vehicles.
Dietzen hopes that his environmentally friendly car, “green machine,” will weed out the taboo behind the cannabis plant.

Built on the chassis of a Mazda, the green machine is made from three plies of woven hemp, making it lighter than cars made from fiberglass. And with a body at least 10 times more dent-resistant than steel, the car wouldn’t need as much of a fix after an accident. However Building the car was no pipe dream for Dietzen, who found inspiration after hearing about famed industrialist Henry Ford using the durable material in 1941 to build the world’s first soybean-hemp car.

“I live in Florida, hemp is still illegal to grow so I had to import the woven material all the way from China because we still don’t have the facilities that can make hemp fabrics,” he said.

It cost the former Dell exec $200,000 to build the car, which runs on a bio fuel made from recycled agricultural waste that is expected to have a much lower carbon footprint than standard electric-powered cars.

“Many states are starting to make it legal. It’s a really great sign as we’re getting back to the point where we’re starting to make products out of industrial hemp just as Henry Ford suggested we should do,” he said.

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