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See This Famous Truck Opener

I wouldn't post this if i didn't think it was too famous enough to be ignored.

The 11 foot 8 Bridge, also known as the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass is a famous bridge that has attracted a lot of attention for tearing trucks open as they pass under it.

This railroad overpass along South Gregson Street in Durham, North Carolina, provides only 11 feet 8 inches of vertical clearance which is virtually not high enough for the trucks that take that route. The 76 year old bridge cannot be raised, because nearby railroad crossings would also have to be raised and the street cannot be lowered, because a major sewer line runs only 4 ft  under Gregson Street, leaving trucks at the mercy of the opener.

J├╝rgen Henn, who works in a nearby office mounted a video camera to record the crashes since April 2008 and has since recorded over 100 crashes, posting them on YouTube.

Also a website has been dedicated to it.


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