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Swarm of Bees Trail Granny's Car For Two Days

Carol Howarth was bee-mused when she returned from a mid day shopping to see a swarm of over 20,000 bees latched onto the back end of her silver Mitsubishi Outlander and passers-by taking pictures of the spectacle on sunday afternoon in Haverfordwest, West Wales.

Photo: mercury press
According to the Bees, the 65 year old grandmother who had earlier passed through a nature reserve allegedly took their queen, but the team of three beekeepers, a national park ranger and members of the public who helped to capture and contain the swarm inside a cardboard box didn't see the queen in her car.

Mrs Howarth later drove home, about two miles away from the centre of town and by monday morning she discovered that the bees had trailed her home. She was then forced to contact the beekeepers for a second time, who finally managed to remove the swarm for good.

Photo: mercury press
Roger Burns, of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers trying to bring up an explaination about the incident said queen could had been attracted to something like a sweet or food in the car prompting the bees to swarm all over the woman's car.

Maybe they just wanted to make the SUV a Four Wheel Hive.

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