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The Original Fast & Furious Is Back

For those of you Fast and Furious fans who were to young to go watch the first Fast and Furious in the cinemas when it came out back in 2001 or you were just plain lazy or you had the feeling it was just a boring movie then with a bald guy and an underage cop running after him then, well it's time to make up for your sins 15 years after. 

On June 22, the first part of the Franchise, The Fast And The Furious will be back in theaters but only in America. it will be screened in about 1,500 movie theaters only for a day in honor of the movie’s 15th anniversary.

So for those of us who can't be fast and furious enough  get to America in time, well we will just have to settle for getting a DVD or ransacking the internet to find where to download it.

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