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Tragic! Teenager Commits Suicide Over Damaged Car

In what could only be termed as a bizzare but tragic incident that took place in Bracknell, Berkshire, South-East England.

A teenage gymnast Ruslan Gutu was found dead hanging from a tree in the woods after telling his girlfriend how worried he was about telling his parents he had crashed the brand new car they had bought him.

Athena La his girlfriend told the coroner that her 18 year old boyfriend was 'shaking' as he told her he was worried about how he would pay for the damage to his car after crashing it into a Land Rover.

Later on his body was later discovered by a park ranger who was accompanying a tree surgeon at the area in Bracknell, Berkshire, near where he lived, hours after apparently sending his mother a chilling text saying soon he would be 'watching from above'.

'He didn't want to tell his parents and he was worried about how he was going to pay for the damage.

'The car seemed to be the only worry but he said he was lonely. I told him he had his family, me and his friends. When I mentioned his friends he became quite upset. I think he had alienated them due to his changes in mood.

'He asked me if I had any rope or paracetamol and asked how much paracetamol it would take to overdose. I told him he was being stupid. He left at around 6am.'  Miss La said.

A statement from his mother, Aliana, was read out by assistant Berkshire coroner.

It said: 'At around midnight he (Ruslan) sent me a text message saying he was staying at a girl's house.

'At around 6am I received a text from him saying 'I am sorry to have left you with everything but it is better this way. I will be watching from above. I don't know why he would take his own life.'

Bracknell Gymnastics Club, where Ruslan was a member, paid tribute to him in the days after his death.

It said: 'The club is deeply saddened to report the passing of Ruslan Gutu. Ruslan was one of the most talented people to ever grace our club and competed as part of the original Kites (Junior Boys TeamGym).

'Even after he left the club he would drop in and say hello from time to time to show off his skills or just to support his little brother.

'We are so sorry for their loss and will cherish our memories of Ruslan.'

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