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U.K Prime Minister Buys His Wife A Used Car

If this were to happen in a certain country of mine, the headline would be much bigger than it is now. 

So, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, David Cameron recently bought a 'Used' Nissan Micra for his lovely wife, Samantha. The Showroom owner Iain Harris who hard a time believing the interest was geniuine initially said he thought that the call that came from the PM's security team about the car was a "wind-up".

According to him, when he turned up for the appointment, Mr Cameron asked his security detail to stand behind the car to make sure the back brake lights worked and after all the other things ensured including the right colour, blue, the Prime Minister paid £1,495 for the car on friday.

"It was a bit surreal, but likewise he was just a normal chap buying a car for his wife, a normal conversation, normal sort of deal and that was it." Mr Harris said.

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