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Watch!! Farmer Moves Illegally Parked Car

Bad parking in London can get you a ticket or the boot, but bad parking in the West Country is treated in a more direct manner. One motorist learned this fact when a video published by The Daily Mail showing a farmer moving a car with his tractor went viral.
Lianne Dunn and Ally Boxall were out for a drive near Marksbury when they came upon a strange sight. Coming at them down the narrow country lane was a tractor with a red Mazda6 perched on its front-end loader attachment. One of the women pulled out her cell phone and filmed the odd scene while the other backed into a convenient driveway to let the tractor past. As the tractor trundled by with its load, they asked the young man guiding the driver what was going on.

"They parked in this chap's drive," he said in his broad, West Country burr. "He asked us to move the car, nobody claimed it." ​When asked where the pair were taking the car, the unnamed farmer replied​,

"We're going to put it up on the main road. It's the police's problem then."

The two women, obviously entertained by the spectacle, exchange a few more words with the young farmer before they finally drive off.

"This is the best!" one of the women says as on the video. "Never piss a farmer off!"

Watch Video Here

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