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A Man Gets Blown Out Of His Car After A Gas Can Exploded

A New York driver is recovering from third-degree burns to over 30 percent of his body after a gas can exploded on the backseat of his car, throwing him out of the vehicle.

This Fiery incident happened in Rochester on Wednesday morning  and Police say the man placed the gas can in the trunk of his car but something caused it to ignite and blow up. 

Rochester Fire battalion chief Jonathan Young told TWC News: 'Gasoline is extremely volatile. Any time you have a gasoline fed fire it is very dangerous, very dangerous.'

Firefighters and police reviewed surveillance video taken at the gas station. The footage shows the man pumping some gas and then placing a gas can into the back of the car.

As the man reaches back into the car, an explosion erupts inside, throwing him to the ground. 

Firefighters say the man rolled to the ground and was able to put out the flames

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