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Police Officer To Be Probed For Alleged Car 'Selfie'

A North Wales Police officer could be fined after being investigated by his own force for allegedly taking a "selfie" while driving.

The investigation began after a picture of PC Joe Hawken appeared on Facebook showing him in a convertible car. The force confirmed it was no longer investigating and has issued PC Hawken, who is based at Holyhead on Anglesey, with a traffic offence report.

According to North Wales Police: "A traffic offence report is issued by an officer because they have reason to believe you may have committed a specific road traffic-related offence(s) on a particular occasion.

"In reaching their decision to issue the traffic offence report, the officer will have taken into account any mitigating or aggravating factors evident in the case."

PC Hawken's traffic offence report will now go before the force's administration of justice department to decide how he should be dealt with.

Possible punishments include points, a fine and in serious cases a ban.

Ch Supt Nigel Harrison confirmed that a traffic offence report has been submitted in relation to PC Hawken, which he said was "normal practice for any driver who is suspected of committing a road traffic offence of this nature".

He added: "I have met with the officer today to outline my concerns."

Anyone issued with a traffic offence report has the right to appeal, the force added.

Source: BBC

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