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See What A Hungry Bear Did To A Car

Omo, as money take be the root of all evil for human beings, na so HUNGER take be root of all evil for animals.

West Vancouver police, Canada, recently a shared a photograph over social media showing a car damaged a bear as it wanted to get to the food left inside the car by the owner.

Originally the vehicle's owner told police they thought someone had broken into their car, but upon inspection, officers realized the culprit had been a very hungry bear.

One window was smashed, the leather seats were torn apart and even the side air bags were ripped.

"It's probably about $10,000 worth in damage," said Griffith who added that food had been left behind in the car.
It's a good thing we don't have bears in Nigeria, but that doesn't mean that any other animals can't cause such damage, especially when food matters are involved.

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