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Shia LaBeouf Locks Himself Out Of His Car At Fuel City Mesquite

Transformers star, Shia LaBeouf made a pit stop in the Dallas, Texas area on Thursday evening as part of his month-long hitchhike across America.

He showed up at the Fuel City gas station in Mesquite around 6 p.m., and might have gone unrecognized if not for one thing, he locked himself out of a red Camaro and had to ask for help to call AAA. said general manager Scott Hatch.

“I guess he walked in kind of trying to keep his head down,” said Hatch, who had left just before LaBeouf arrived. “One of our cashiers mentioned to him, ‘You look like Shia LaBeouf,’ and he kind of nodded his head.”

While waiting for roadside assistance, the 29 years old movie star to his time to hang out with customers and employees at the gas station and use the opportunity to try some Fuel City's famous Mexican food.

“The cashier said he was very friendly, very humble, very willing to talk to people,” Hatch said.

Aside from the fact that the entire episode is confusing because LaBeouf isn’t supposed to have a car — he is supposed to be allowing fans to pick him up and take him anywhere they’d like as part of his hitchhiking/art project #TAKEMEANYWHERE — the celebrity appearance has been good for business for Fuel City.

“It’s fun,” said Hatch, the general manager of the Mesquite location. “It just creates more excitement and helps with some free advertising, as well. It’s been fun to have so many people blow up on Facebook.”

He said the gas station has also been getting calls from “random customers” who want to come in and visit now that a celebrity has been there.

LaBeouf, meanwhile, has apparently continued on his hitchhiking tour, getting to New Orleans by Friday afternoon.

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