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Young Girl Escapes Injury After Car Crashed Into Her Bedroom

A Lucky Child and her parents in Sydney escaped tragedy when a car crashed into the girl's bedroom while she was asleep.

According to 9News, the girl was asleep on the other side of the room when the Holden Commodore crashed through the wall of the bedroom on Lydham Avenue at Rockdale about 4.15am.

"About 4am this morning I heard a dreadful crash… I looked out the front door thinking that my car had been hit… that was OK, so I came round and had a look over the porch and I saw the boot of a dark car sticking out of the front of our house," her mother Francesca said.

"[My daughter] was in the bedroom – thank God her bed is on the opposite [side], so it's literally just came straight through the wardrobe into the bedroom, and thank God she's OK.

"I think I'm still in shock."

Francesca, the girl's mother said she spoke to the driver of the car, who seemed "delirious".

"He didn't quite know where he was, I asked him for his licence… and he proceeded to light up a cigarette and then disappeared on us."

Police launched a search for the man and called in the dog squad, but failed to him in the surrounding area.

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