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10 Tips To Get You Through The Rainy Season

It is Rainy season at its peak now and driving on the road could be hectic and quite risky if drivers are not alert on the road, so I decided to share some tips that could help you through the wet season.

1. Be extra cautious, especially at turns, junctions, roundabouts, e.t.c.

2. Avoid overtaking.

3. Do NOT speed or indulge in reckless driving.

4. Avoid distractions, such as your phone, talking with passengers, adjusting the radio, and so on. Simply focus on the road ahead.

5. ALWAYS use your seat belts. Make sure your passengers have them on too.

6. NEVER assume you know the other driver's intentions.

7. Obey ALL traffic rules and regulations.

8. Do NOT use second-hand or worn out tyres. Also check engine, brakes, lighting system, regularly.

9. Avoid drunk driving.

10. Learn driving skills for certain emergencies such as brake failure, overheating, tyre blowout, fire incidence, etc.

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