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5 Pimped Cars Gone Wrong

1. The cardboard cutout

Thinking Outside the box. Perhaps this car owner planned to paint over their cardboard spoiler and make it all blend in, or maybe they lived somewhere permanently hot and sunny and didn't need to worry about their modifications getting soggy in the rain.

2. The chrome-over

This Range Rover was given a chrome paint job and some insane chrome wheels, and although there's no doubt the car owner thought their ride would look really cool but Just think of all the road accidents caused by the glare.

3. The Hello Kitty overload

Surely nobody loves Hello Kitty enough to spend this much time, money and energy on pimping out their car's interior. but if there is someone like that, they better be under age and shouldn't be allow to drive this car around. it hurts my eyes.

4. The one that melted

Surely this can't driven with its wheels at a 45 degree angle? This car looks like a boiled sweet that has been left out in the sun and started to melt in the heat.

5. The wannabe monster truck

So monster trucks are cool, right? But unfortunately they come with a hefty price tag and an even bigger fuel bill. The solution? Just strap your regular little hatchback to some tractor wheels! Despite this pimped car looking a bit like a little girl trying on her mum's heels, I have to admit it looks like it could be super-fun to drive. Just give us a crash helmet and the keys and I'll be away


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