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Employees Surprise Their Boss With A $70,000 Car Gift

Talk about Good Karma...

Some Grateful employees of a company called Gravity Payments thought it wonderful to get a $70,000 Tesla as a 'Thank You' gift to their CEO, Why?

Well, that's because last year, Dan Price, CEO of Gravity Payments, raised the minimum wage of all his employees to $70,000 per year and he achieved that by taking a huge pay cut.

And that led to his employees coming together to surprise him with a brand new Tesla. They drove the car to the office, and asked Price to come outside for a surprise. When he laid his eyes on the new Tesla, he immediately teared up.

“I think this is just the ultimate way of saying ‘Thank you,'” said employee Alyssa O’Neal. “He’s been up to bat for us, so we figured we could do something nice for him.”

Watch the video below;

According to the company, quality of life of Gravity Payments employees has increased dramatically since the $70,000 minimum wage was set.

The company says employees are not living closer to the office, which cuts their commute time. They also say the added money has led to a ‘baby boom’ at the office now that employees are feeling more financially comfortable.

Can this happen in Nigeria?

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