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Lewis Hamilton Gives Esteban Gutiérrez The One Finger Salute

Formula One champion and Mercedes Driver, Lewis Hamilton showed his 'thug side of life' during the Hungary GrandPrix Race over the weekend, he gave Haas F1 driver, Esteban Gutiérrez,  the one finger Salute as he came behind to over take him.

Watch a video uploaded by 'F1 Fails' on Youtube

 And Driver Gutiérrez, didn't take it likely. After the race he posted a tweet, calling Hamilton, "disrepectful"
However Hamilton who went on to win the race, laughed off the incident saying, "I may have accidentally wanted to do that," he joked. "It was more like 'WTF' [what the f...]."

Maybe Hamilton was trying to tell Gutiérrez he was number one. #JustSaying

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