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Man Caught As He Attempts To Steal Car At A Night Club

Luck ran out on a 27-year-old man, Benjamin Michael as he was caught by an angry mob while attempting to steal a Mercedes Benz A-Class at a popular night club in Ikeja on Tuesday. He was close to being set ablaze after already receiving beaten from the mob before he was rescued by operatives of the Rapid Response Squad, RRS, of the Lagos State Police Command for robbery who had to be taken to hospital first for medical attention.

Confirming the arrest to newsmen on Thursday at the RRS headquarters, the police spokesperson, SP Dolapo Badmus, said that efforts were in progress to arrest his colleagues.

“Operatives of the RRS who were on their routine patrol along the axis, rescued the suspect when he was about to be set ablaze by the enraged youth.

“My advice to every vehicle owner is to ensure that your vehicles are parked in a secured place and properly locked to prevent car thieves from taking undue advantage of such negligence.”

In his confession, Michael said his plan was to steal the vehicle and take it out of Lagos to a neighboring country to sell.

He said, “I took a wrap of Indian-hemp before I went to the club that night.

“On getting to the club, I was looking for a car whose door was not locked. Then, I started opening all the vehicles parked at the club’s parking space one after the other. I discovered that the car in question was not locked, which gave me free entry into it.

“I entered the car quietly with the aim of removing it from where it was parked and take it out for sale.

“I was unaware that some people were watching me while I entered the vehicle.

“As I entered the car, I saw a group of men coming towards me. I still pretended as if the car was mine.

“When they got to my side, they asked me if the car was mine. Unknowingly to me, the owner of the car was with them.

“I confidently told them the car belonged to me. They dragged me out of the vehicle and started beating me. If not for the timely intervention of the RRS officers, they would have killed me that night,” the suspect added.

Police has said the suspect would be charged to court as soon as their investigations are complete.

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