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Man Gets Jail Term For Smashing Car Into A Woman's Bathroom

A motorist, Kyle Rance has been found guilty and handed a Two and a half years jail sentence by jury at Lincoln Crown Court in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom after the car he was driving lost control and crashed into a woman's house and throwing her out of her bathroom.

Describing the incident that left her with multiple injuries, including two broken vertebrae in her back, fractures to her pelvis and hip socket, a collapsed lung and liver damage, Ms Watson, 45, said: “I had been lying in the bath for probably 20 minutes. Then I heard the sound of a car racing and could tell it was getting closer to me. It was going incredibly fast.

“Then I heard an explosion and I was thrown out of the bath. I didn't know whether it was a gas explosion or what. I felt I was suspended in mid-air for a few seconds. It felt like my arms and legs were being ripped off me.

“I was propelled through the opposite wall. I went across the bathroom. I finished up where the wall had been. The wall came down on top of me.

Alcohol was ruled out as the cause of Rance's over-speeding as he was breathalysed after the incident and gave a reading of just 5mgs of alcohol per 100mls of breath, putting him well below the legal limit of 35mgs. 

Source: Telegraph UK

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