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Ok, let’s talk about Cars. A car is generally a vehicle with four wheels that convey people and their cargo from one place to another through designated roads (layman’s definition). 

Henry Ford with the first mass produced car
Decades ago, a car was just a machine man invented when he got bored of horses to get him from point A to point B. But as time progressed, this machine with a simple objective has evolved to become something much more significant and complex. Now it’s not just about getting from Point A to Point B, but it is now mostly about how comfortable and safe the journey is, how confident and in control man feels, and in more recent times, what those at point B would think of him when he finally turns up.

Today, Cars have become man’s best friend (sorry dogs), partner-in-crime, trusted ally, side kick, or even ‘bae’, depending on his relationship with it. Who knows, it’s a matter of time before men start getting married to cars; nothing seems impossible anymore in this 21st century. 

Now that a car is deemed as a ‘necessity’ in a man’s life time, He is then faced with choices and options to consider when it comes to acquiring the ‘car after his own eyes’; just like getting married. These conscious choices must be made because a car can now been seen as a symbol of a man’s personality; tells the society about his social status, it expresses his likes and dislikes, projects his ambitions and even elucidates his achievements in his society. Might I say, “Show me your car and I will tell you who you are!” 

Apart from the essential questions asked like cost of acquiring the car, fuel efficiency and cost of maintenance, a man will also question himself on what his friends, his enemies and his admirers (for the single ones and of course the married ones) would remark of him when they see him pull up in his car. 

Now that is where successful car companies pitch their sales. With ever advancing technologies, they twist man’s desires, coming out with new cars in different models, specifications and modifications that sets off his insatiable hunger for power and satisfaction, especially when they show them off in sleek and illuminating TV commercials or dazzle them in captivating showrooms, making these cars a delight to own. 

As these cars continue to roll off the assembly line, questions will be asked and answered, analysis would be made over and over, and men will argue and argue, all in the bid to discover the car to appeals to every being. So I will be joining in this debate and be looking to share my personal views and analysis on cars in order to help fulfill your heart desire and find you the “perfect car”, if it is out there.

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