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See Woman Who Has Been Sleeping In Her Car For More Than Six Months

82 years old woman in Sechelt, B.C Canada, Doris Anthonysz, has been living in her car for six months and she says all she wants is a clean, safe and affordable place to live.

In an interview with CBC News from her car, she said she is finding it difficult to make ends meet even with her $1,300 per month pension.

"I ask the health department on a regular basis if they can help me find a house, ask them if they can help me," she said.

"Seems to me after 82 you are a write off, you are nobody," she added.

In the town where she lives, cost of accommodation is far from her price range, she said, 

"They want $800 dollars [per month]. It's cheaper to live in my car," Anthonysz said. "It's very well looked after my car, it's my personal object. Everybody knows my car and everyone smiles at Doris and her yellow car."

"I'm a very healthy person and I'm very strong," she added.

Anthonysz says she's heard other homeless women in town talk of committing suicide, but that she herself is "not a suicide person."

"What do I wish? I wish the government would give us more money," she said.

"Why do we have to live on the edge?"

Source: CBC News

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