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Volkswagen Finds A Bomb In Their Factory

According to Retuers, Construction workers found an unexploded bomb at Volkswagen headquarters during expansion works going on at their headquarters in Wolfsburg. This unexploded bomb has been dated back to the World War Two era. 

Just last month, Construction workers found metal pieces at four locations at Volkswagen's (VW) massive plant in, a spokeswoman for the city administration said. But these findings have been regular for the past years but modern technology has made deactivating and removing them much easier.

The Wolfsburg factory was built under the Nazi regime in 1938 to assemble the People's Car on Adolf Hitler's orders. But instead of building the vehicle which later became the VW Beetle, the plant was converted during World War Two to produce jeep-type military vehicles as well as aircraft supplies and to repair warplanes. These military vehicles made the factory a prime target for Allied bombing raids, which did a lot of damage to the factory, though the factory remained more or less operational throughout the war.

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