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Watch A Skateboarder Smash The Windshield Of A McLaren

This YouTube video below went viral this week, racking more than 7 million views. Why? because it shows a unidentified chap with a skateboard smashing the windshield of an orange McLaren 12C and then taking off as the passenger from the $250,000 super car chases after him in a hot pursuit.

But here's the funny thing, Jalopnik is reporting it as a possible Hoax. According to them, the Google+ profile of the guy, Paul Gonzo, who originally uploaded to YouTube, shows that he works for Mile High Drive, an exotic car rental agency based out of Denver even though he claimed to be a bystander in the caption of video.

Furthermore, they added a photo capture of Mile High Drive Site and coincidentally (or not), there is an orange McLaren 12C posing among the Fleet of cars.

Photo: Jalopnik

However, if this is a hoax, na expensive one o!, think about the cost of getting the windshield fixed all because they want popularity. On the other hand, 7 million views and counting, might be worth the drama after all, dont think the Mile High Drive website sees that much traffic in a month.

Watch the Video below

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