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Watch This Video Of Angry Bumbers

Anger some say is like being possessed; once it overtakes you, ANYTHING can be used as to weapon, even if it is your own car.

The angry game of bumper cars began when the No. 68 car of Robbie Brewer tapped into the back of leader John Holleman in the No. 4, sending him into a spin toward the outside wall. Brewer took off into the lead and the caution flag waved for Holleman, which allowed Holleman to catch back up to his opponent.

Directly behind the pace car, Holleman swings to the outside of Brewer and peels off his back bumper. Holleman then smacks into the outside of Brewer and turns him around, subsequently sending the pace car on a detour to get away from the drama.

Both Aggressors were penalized shortly after...

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