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The 2003 Acura MDX is the first of its generation of crossover SUVs from the Acura division of Honda Motor Company. It is a brilliant SUV that comes with a lot of features that keeps its owner safe and happy while cruising on the road.

The 2003 MDX  is powered by a 3.5 Litre VTEC V6 engine that generates up to 260 horsepower and 250 pounds-feet of torque available from 3500 to 5000rpm, with a five-speed automatic transmission that features gear ratios spaced to match SUV requirements. It’s a road monster, with the ability to go from 0-100km in 9 seconds; that a fast one when you match it to its weight of 4420kg.

The 2003 MDX comes with a unique four-wheel-drive system (named VTM-4) that engages during off the line acceleration as well as when wheel slippage is detected, but, most of the time, the 2003 MDX runs in front-wheel-drive mode for good fuel economy. Some all-wheel-drive systems normally cruise in front-wheel drive, engaging the rear wheels when sensors detect front wheel spin. Not so the 2003 MDX. Slippage, the Acura engineers’ reason, can only occur under acceleration. And so the 2003 MDX engages the rear wheels as well as the front wheels whenever the driver calls for acceleration, without waiting for slippage to occur. 

Additionally, the system offers a lock mode which can be activated and operated at low speeds and provides permanent 4WD , and the equivalent of a locked rear differential. So, no matter how terrible and muddy your village road can get, the 2003 MDX will see you through.

The 2003 MDX comes in two editions, Standard and Touring Editions. The standard 2003 MDX comes with a long list of luxury and convenience features: leather seating surfaces and leather door inserts; wood-patterned trim; keyless remote entry; power windows, door locks and mirrors; power tilt-and-slide moonroof; cruise control; seven-speaker AM/FM/cassette stereo with in-dash CD player; power adjustable front seats; alloy wheels and a multi-function digital trip computer.

While the Touring version adds a killer 200-watt, eight-speaker Acura/Bose music system with in-dash six-disc CD changer; a keyless remote linked to the two-position driver's seat and mirror memory system; eight-way adjustable passenger seat; roof rack; an outside mirror that tilts to track progress while backing up; rain-sensing windshield wipers; and special alloy wheels. The auto-dimming rear-view mirror is standard.

SPACE is the MDX biggest attribute. Its intelligent body design and compact engine space makes the 7-seater vehicle roomy and comfortable to seat in. Though the third row is designed to occupy two rows, but it can take up to three and best allowed for children and teens to occupy.

When the all the seven seats are upright, the car provides a small cargo space, but on folding the third and second rows reveals an enormous cargo space that could swallow up two ATM machines (Just exaggerating!). This is where owning an MDX can save you lot money if you were into a business that requires you moving cargo a lot and it is therefore ideal for business men and women who have a range of cargo size to move and can saves them hiring a bus to transport cargo.

The Acura 2003 MDX offers a superb balance of car and truck attributes. When on the move especially on the high way, you will notice that the rear wheels look slightly bent making the 2003 MDX look like is sitting down, thus ensuring it go through corners and bends with ease. This concept is also found in the Honda Pilot and other SUVs from Honda. Some say it is as untippable as a rhino. 

In terms of safety Acura, a Dual-stage front airbags and side-impact airbags for the front seats are standard and All-disc antilock brakes are also installed. The U.S government gave it a four star rating out of five stars which was a top rating among its competitors then.

With a fuel tank capacity of 73litres, the 2003 MDX is estimated to do 7 kilometers per litre (7Kpl) in the city and 10 kilometers per litre (10 Kpl) on highway in terms of fuel economy but understand this may not be accurate due to vary road conditions such as bad roads and traffic.

For a modest market price, The 2003 Acura MDX offers the middle class earners a range of features that are found in other more expensive SUVs. It that kind of car you would want to acquire when you are tired of being in a sedan (feeling close to the ground) and want to have the upper class experience. 

Hey, this is my personal review so feel free to share your own thoughts and experience about this car especially if you own one or have driven one.

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