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3 Year Old Spotted Driving Car On Drunk Mum's Lap

A 3 year-old was caught behind the wheel of a car sitting on the lap of his mother in Ngaruawahia, New zealand on Sunday.

Officers noticed the car when it swerved across the median line and into the path of an oncoming police car and as they could see that the 31-year-old from Ngaruawahia, had her son perched on her knees, grasping the wheel with a group of teenagers riding with her in the backseat.

The mother when tested was tested at more than three times the legal alcohol limit police reported. The mother was reportedly unfazed when questioned by police, who were stunned at her lack of judgement.

"When she was picked up she didn't display any concern for her son's welfare," Waikato police western area commander Naila Hassan told Fairfax.

"He was on her lap, on the road with her drunk."

But this wasn't the first time she had been intoxicated behind the wheel; the woman had already lost her licence after two previous drink driving offences.

She was given a 28-day loss of licence at the scene.

"We could have lost a little kiddie.

"It is just shocking, irresponsible behaviour that puts everyone's lives at risk on the road."

She says it is lucky the police car was in the "right place at the right time".

"It's just disappointing that there are still people out there on the roads making such poor decisions. Some people just don't get it."

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