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Another Tesla Car On Autopilot Mode Crashes In Beijing China

Tesla has revealed one of its cars crashed in Beijing while in "autopilot" mode. Tesla said it had reviewed data to confirm the car was in autopilot mode, a system that takes control of steering and braking in certain conditions.

The crash in the Chinese capital involved 33-year-old programmer Luo Zhen, who was driving his Tesla Model S to work and engaged the autopilot function. Mr Luo, who filmed the incident with a dashboard camera, said his car hit a vehicle parked half off the road. The accident sheered off the parked vehicle's side mirror and scraped both cars, but nobody was injured.

The company, which is investigating the crash, also said it was the driver's responsibility to maintain control of the vehicle. In this case, it said, the driver's hands were not detected on the steering wheel.

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