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Gbenro And Osas Ajibade's Daughter Gets A Range Rover Evogue Gift From Her Godfather

Nollywood actor and Model Gbenro Ajibado who recently welcomed a baby girl named Azariah with his wife Osas Ighodaro, took to Instagram today to show his fans the Range Rover Evoque gift given to Azariah by her godfather.

He shared the photos and wrote "So I just landed Naija and was invited to AMBAVILLE by the great @karowenu. @officialosas he gifted his goddaughter Azariah this!!!!!God bless you bro. The best godfather ever!!!!And he said we just got started #ambaville #azariah#blessings#rangeroverevogue#Godisgood#

So while baby Azariah is still too small to be behind the wheel of this beautiful black SUV, daddy Gbenro will just have to be cruising the car with her safely strapped in the back seat. #Justsaying

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