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Guess How Many Cars Were Destroyed In The Making Of 'Jason Bourne' Movie

When USA Today asked Frank Marshall, Producer of the just released 'Jason Bourne' movie how many cars were destroyed in a particular scene where a SWAT truck driven by Vincent Cassel (known only as The Asset) rolls through Vegas and cars going after Damon's Bourne, he answered "170" (One hundred and Seventy!).

Was he sure? he replied "I counted, I had to pay the bills," adding that these were just the destroyed cars from the scene. "They are all in a trash heap somewhere." and they cost him about half a million.

The Bourne spy franchise has filmed chases in Paris, Moscow and Tangier.

"But we have never shut down a main thorough-fare," said Marshall. "I feel it’s our best chase yet. I am thrilled with how it came out."

See the Official trailer Below;

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