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Imagine!!!A Man Is Suing Ferrari Because He Wasn't Allowed To Buy A LaFerrari Spider

People Sue Automakers most of the time for accidents and incidents caused by mechanical issues of car but this Preston Henn is suing Ferrari for something far from that. 

According to Autoweek who obtained the documents, he filed a lawsuit against italian supercar makers because they denied him from buying its latest ultra-exclusive hypercar, LaFerrari. The seven pages suit revealed he owned a fleet of various Ferrari cars, since the 1960s. This list includes all the automaker's past flagship supercars: the F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari. It also includes iconic classics like the 275 GTB. 

In Henn’s eyes this made him more than qualified to place an order on the LaFerrari Aperta. However, he was told by his dealer that Ferrari North America would not sell him the car. After enlisting help from friends who had contacts with the automaker, Henn received word that he was “not qualified to purchase the LaFerrari Spider.” Undeterred, he sent a check for $1,000,000 to Ferrari head honcho Sergio Macrhionne as well as a letter detailing his love for the company.

Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s chief marketing and commercial offer, sent the check back and a letter asking that no deposits be sent to management. He also reconfirmed that all models had been sold. So that’s how Henn got to the point of filing a lawsuit, but what does he actually want out of it? Well, not a LaFerrari Spider. Instead he wants to be paid for damages “in excess of $75,000” and is demanding a trial by jury. It’s interesting to note that his biggest gripe is that Ferrari embarrassed him and they had damaged his reputation as a Ferrari Fanatic.

Too much money, na problem sometimes....#justsaying

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