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My God!! People Actually Survived This Crash

A driver and a passenger have miraculously survived a horrifying road accident after their car was completely crushed by a huge tanker in Ningbo City in China's Zhejiang Province early morning Tuesday.

The Shocking accident captured on CCTV footage shows the SUV driving across an intersection at the same time the cement truck was approaching. The tanker swerves in an attempt to avoid the SUV, but clips the side of the vehicle hard, causing the tanker to flip over, completely crushing the SUV and leaving a pile of debris on the side of the road.

According to CCTV News, firefighters managed to pull a woman from the car and send her immediately to hospital while they had to use a forklift truck and hydraulic tools to untwist the body of the car and pull the man free.

The woman is now reported to be in a stable condition while the man is still under observation in the intensive care unit.

Watch The Jaw Dropping Footage below;

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