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Race Driver In Hospital After Horrifc Crash During Race

A horrific crash that happened during the Belleville Midget Nationals race last night has left Racing driver and dirt-track specialist Bryan Clauson hospitalized.

 the accident occurred as the racers were entering the ninth lap, Clauson had just taken the lead and was starting to pull away when he encountered lapped traffic on the lightning-quick half-mile dirt track. The 27-year-old resident of Noblesville got stuffed into the fence by a lapped car and went into a series of snap rolls before landing on his side, at which point he was struck in the cockpit by an oncoming car at a high rate of speed.

It took rescue workers 30 minutes to cut Clauson out of his damaged vehicle and he was immediately airlifted to the hospital initially critical and unconscious but reports say he has been stabilized.

Watch the graphic footage below;

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