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That Moment When You Bash A Car That's More Than Your Life Savings

A woman in a classic Mercedes 380 SL car was dumb founded when she hit the front of a very very rare Ferrari 458 speciale edition worth about £200,000 while she was attempting to back out from where she was parked at Katie’s Cars & Coffee in Great Falls, Virginia, over the weekend.

From a video shared online, a crowd of the supercar sympathizers were seen gathering as soon the accident occurred, with the helpless car's alarm wailing endlessly for the owner attention who turned up seconds later to see his red coloured baby sore-faced. 

The owner who was probably battling an emotion of anger and painful sadness, could be heard asking the woman, "are you f*cking serious?" and later concluded by saying "at least no one was hurt".

Watch the video below(Note:if you love this supercar as much as I do, viewer's discretion is advised); 

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