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The Hyundai's Genesis Owners Can Command Their Cars To Start

Remember the movie '2012' in the scene where the Russian billionaire voice commands his Bentley by saying ''Engine, Start'' and the car roars to life? well, Amazon and Hyundai's luxury auto brand Genesis are taking the next step in bringing that to reality.

Owners of Genesis G80 and G90 sedans can now use Amazon's Echo and voice commands to remotely start their car, turn on the vehicle's heat or air conditioning, lock/unlock doors and turn on the car's lights.

"It aligns with our belief that time and convenience are the ultimate luxuries," said Erwin Raphael, general manager of the Genesis brand in the U.S.

Genesis is the first automaker to use an Alexa skill to remotely send voice commands to vehicles.

This also is the next step in the area of remote commands automakers have been developing in recent years. For example, Tesla owners can usXe their smartphones to summon their vehicle to park itself.

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