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There Are 500 Bugatti Chirons To Be Made And A Half Of That Is Already Sold Out

This hyper car is worth $2.6 million but that hasn't stopped about 200 buyers from splashing cash for it. Bugatti has said it will be making only 500 units of this 1500 horsepower car but it is unclear how many out of this number would be special editions .

With one already spotted causing a scene in Cannes, France last week, its only a matter of time before others start roaring in different parts of the globe as Bugatti says it expects about 30% of the car's production to end up in the United States. 10 has already been confirmed by Carbuzz to be on its ways to San Francisco Bay area. 

As for those of us in Nigeria, I'd be growing a very long beard before I see one roaring down my street.#justsaying

However see more photos below to stay motivated;

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