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When You See A Gold Maseratti With Learner's Sticker

So when you see a gold Maseratti GranCabrio slowly rolling past you and then you turn your head to admire the $134k beauty when suddenly you notice the bold Learner's Sticker on it...WTF?!!

The Police in London recently went on a Super Car impounding spree and a Gold Maseratti reported to belong to an young Arabian man was among the victims due to the owner's inability to provide a car insurance. Now the car has been creating quite the stir on social media with many people commenting on its L-plates. 

This signifies that the driver is freshly minted and is holding a provisional license. It’s about the same as having a permit in the US, with the driver needing to be accompanied by a licensed adult age 21 or older whenever they hop behind the wheel. Kids do stupid stuff all the time, including driving without insurance. 

The driver, who hasn’t been named, will be hit with a £150 towing charge, along with a £25 storage fee for every day it remains in police possession.


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