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Woman Gets Run Over By Her Car At A Traffic Light

A woman in Burlington, Washington was accidentally run over by her own car at a red light and incredibly she survived and walked away uninjured. 

The accident which was witnessed by the driver behind her, also caught on the dash cam of his car happened at the Costco parking lot last Tuesday as the woman waited in her vehicle at a red light then another driver pulled up to signal the woman that her gas cap was loose. The as she steps out and walks to the back of the car, 

Another driver pulled up to signal that her gas cap was loose. The video shows her stepping out and walking to the back of the car, then the car which is a white Volvo begins to roll forward. The woman runs back to grab the steering wheel but the car continues and she gets caught by the rear tire and the car runs her over.

David Alger who was the driver behind her tells Komo News that he was astounded that the woman got right back to her feet.

"She just went to pick up the gas cap and realized the car was moving, so she went back to jump back into the car and grab the steering wheel," he recalled. "And as she grabbed the steering wheel with the car still moving forward, I would imagine the wheel turned to the left and that's when she was dragged underneath the left rear tire and run over. Both legs. Went right up over her buttock and over both legs."

"She wanted to take off after the vehicle and run through the intersection and I said, 'Whoa, hold on here. How are you, let me help you, hold on to me.' And she said, 'I'm fine. There's nothing wrong with me I'm fine,, ' " he said.

Other drivers tried to stop her rolling vehicle, but it eventually ran into a tree.

Watch the Video below;

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