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Woman Turns Test Drive To Test Crash!

If anybody had told this woman who went test driving a new Mercedes Benz SUV at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Arlington,Virginia that her day would end on a crashing note, literally, I am sure she would have given the person the 'bad belle' look. 

According to Fox 5 DC, a woman testing a new Mercedes-Benz GLE350 ended up on leaving the $60,000 ride on its side after she crashed it into four parked vehicles in front of the dealership showroom. Thankfully, none of the four occupants in the Mercedes including the salesman was seriously injured physically but I am sure she would be emotionally sore after it was believed that she may have confused the gas pedal for the brake pedal.

With all the damages she is going to pay, I guess she would just have to stick to old car for a while.

See more  photos below;

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