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An Angry Man Crashes His Car Into A Bank

When you are going through mid life crisis and the bank contributes a great quota to it by telling that they are coming to repossess your house and your car, what do you do? Crash into the bank?

That's what an man in Johannesburg did to the Rosebank a branch of Standard Bank. It was alleged that he was already going through a divorce with his wife when he learnt that the bank was coming to repo his house and his Car so the Angry bird drove his vehicle straight through the glass doors of the bank.

A Standard Bank spokesman Erik Larsen confirmed the incident, "The car has been removed and the area has been cordoned off. We do not know why he did that. The police are investigating‚" said Larsen. 

They are definitely gonna come for you now, sir #Nevermesswiththebank 

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