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Car Rolls Into River After Spider Forces Driver To Eject

Ladies and their fear of eight legged freaks. An 18 year old woman in New South Wales, Australia had to watch her Volkwagen Sedan slowly roll into a river after she bailed out of it when a large spider dropped on her lap as she was driving. 

Witnesses at the Rowland Reserve where the incident occurred tells the Daily Telegraph “It was like it all happened in slow motion,”.

She had just pulled up at the Bayview Boat Ramp, on the northern beaches, when a large huntsman spider dropped out from under the visor. The girl leapt out of the car “and started doing a spider dance” to try and get the arachnid off her, witnesses said.

A witness Stuart Cooper who was about 50 meters from where the incident occured said the girl stood there in complete shock until others came over to help her. 

“Her mum arrived about 15 minutes later and was freaking out because she thought her daughter was in the car,” the 56-year-old said.

“She was relieved when she her daughter sitting on the site of the boat ramp in tears. She went up and gave her a huge hug. “She also gave me a huge hug — I’m not sure why — and then told her daughter that she didn’t care about the car, only that she was okay.”

By the time police divers arrived on the scene, the car had already sunk. The vehicle was 25m from the beach and so needed to be towed back in. The whole operation took about two hours. “It was a strange place to pull up, but lucky that she was okay,” Mr Cooper said.


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