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Drunk Driver Crashes His Employer's SUV Into Parked Cars

According to Cool FM's OAP Freeze, this happened this morning at 1004 apartments, Victoria Island, Lagos. Narrating what happened, he said the driver crashed a black Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV into four cars parked cars.
"This crazy episode was attributed to drunk driving, as his colleagues made statements like "Ti ko ba iti high laaro kutukutu!" And "o ti mu oti yo!" Dear Nigerians, please run a background check on domestic staff before employing them, what if your children were in that car or playing behind that car? 
I can only imagine the sorrow the owner of the car has to endure this morning, as he coughs out nearly 2 million Naira in this recession, to pay for the damaged cars!"
However no one was injured and the driver has been taken to the nearest police station to sober up.

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