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Dumb Showoff Crashes His Car Trying To Impress Onlookers

I understand that when you have a Supercar that is worth $845,000, you would want to show it off you know, revv it up, burn rubber, get the ladies admiring and get your enemies hating and all. But when you crash that car, boy, would you wish you had just quietly driven your car and go play with the fish you had caught. 

A video shot in 2015 in Saint Tropez, France, has emerged through Instagram showing a shirtless driver trying to impress a crowd, and a woman, with his Porsche 918 Spyder but, ended that showoff by crashing it into a hedge moments later.

The petrolhead can be seen throwing up a rock gesture with his left hand before revving the engine and speeding off. But he may not have immediately spotted the people walking across the car park in front of him, as he quickly has to swerve to avoid hitting them and ends up crashing into SUV then into a hedge.

The crowd of admirers now turned sympathizers rushes over to the car trapped in the hedge around the hotel.

The video posted by @Kristina_lifetime who wrote 'Thank god' it wasn't a person injured.


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