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Engineers Create A Real Life Transformers Autobot

If you ever doubted a real life autobot could exist, well, Turkish engineers have cleared that doubt. A real-life Transformer car has been invented by engineers and it's a chatterbox just like playful Bumblebee from the Transformers movie franchise.

The Turkish company Antimon explains the innovation on its website, revealing that the unit is designed for a full robot transformation.

The amazing Letrons BMW is a working prototype and at this stage remote controlled - in essence a giant toy.

Built by 12 engineers, the four models available - Bizmut, Argon, Wolfram, and Tanta were built in Ankara. Its head turns 120 degrees thanks to a motor, and a hydraulic control system offers the technology need to lift the car up on its 'legs'.

As well as having sound system, an HD LCD, and WiFi technology, the cars have moving 'arms' and lights, as well as reactive cameras to perform speech and movement capabilities.

The video posted to Youtube shows the full conversion of a sporty red BMW into a lifesize robot , as its side panels come out and the chassis lifts up on legs.

Standing tall, the car's 'head' emerges, as it whirs like Autobot Optimus Prime and towers like Megatron the fearsome Decepticon.

So far it cannot walk, but the inventors say they would be willing to work on that function.

Letrons adds that the vehicles "can be for sale if the buyer's project and their reasons for use meet the criteria of the Letrons team", although note that it's " not drivable in traffic yet ".

Watch the video below;

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