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Family, Others Survive Multiple Accident

A family of five and 21 other people counted themselves blessed as they survived a multiple accident that occurred yesterday afternoon at Agric bus stop, Ikorodu, Lagos when a trailer lost its brakes and ran into five vehicles.

The trailer, which was coming from the garage roundabout in Ikorodu had hit a Luxury Bus from behind, forcing over the median into the BRT before crushing the family's Peugeot 406 and another Lexus SUV.

Attempts by the trailer driver and his motor boy to run were thwarted by people in the area who nabbed them and handed them over to the police from Agric-Owutu Police Station, Ikorodu.

The Driver of Peugeot 406 Mr Ugochukwu Okonkwo who bring back the family from a Traditional wedding in Nnewi, Anambra state recounted the incident to The Nation, “We were inside the car, the glass was wound up because the air condition was on and we were thanking God for bringing us safely back to Lagos from Nnewi.

“Suddenly, we heard the braking sound of a vehicle behind us and before we knew it, we saw the trailer coming at us and rammed into our vehicle from the rear. I saw my elder brother’s wife and her son, a 12-year-oldboy, who were sitting in the back seat, about flying out through the windscreen. Though, I was still strapped to my seat behind the steering but something propelled me and I grabbed both of them and pulled them back into the car.

“The way the trailer crashed into us, our car could have gone under a luxurious bus in front us but it didn’t because of the other car hit by the trailer. It was a miracle. I don’t know how it happened. I think God did it for us”, he said, adding that his elder brother’s wife, who had minor injury, was treated at Ikorodu General Hospital.

The SUV driver, Mr. Tunji Ayeni, said the trailer rammed into his car barely three minutes that he joined the road from his street.

“All I can say is that I just heard this crushing sound and I looked back and saw the trailer coming at me. I thank God that I survive”, he said.

Mr. John Udegbunah, who drove the luxury bus said they departed Onitsha around 10am yesterday and that the journey was smooth until they got to Agric in Ikorodu.

“We were moving slowly in traffic snarl when suddenly we heard the trailer hitting our bus. The trailer continued pushing us until we went over the median into the BRT corridor. I thank God nobody died. But a lady was injured in the hand but she has left”, he said.

Source: The Nation

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