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Just When You Think You Are Safe, This Happens

As a camera man, your job is to position yourself in spots that can give you the best viewing position of the subject you are covering. In a car race, such positions can leave you vulnerable open to flipping cars and any other projectile that may come your way. 

During race three at Snetterton, British Touring Car Championship an ITV cameraman found out first hand how dangerous covering car races can be when a crash sent Hunter Abbott’s car rolling on top of the wall and right into an ITV cameraman’s stand.

The camera stand toppled over relatively slowly given the violent collision, giving the man on top ample time to experience his life flashing before his eyes. Fortunately, he was not severely injured in the incident and was soon cleared by on-track medic, according to Crash.net. The session was red flagged for clean-up afterwards.

Watch below;

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