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LWKMD!! Man Arrested For Using Frying Pan As A Steering Wheel

The idea to replace a steering wheel with a hard metallic frying pan is something Mr. Bean would do in his comedy series and people would be like 'yea, its Mr. Bean', but, when an Australian man attempts same...its like WTF?!!

According to South Australian Police reports, on Sunday morning, patrols were called to Norman Street following reports of a suspicious red Mazda sedan and male occupant loitering in the street. On inspecting the car after speaking with the driver, they found out that the steering wheels had been replaced with a metal pan and the front number plate had been altered. Further checks revealed the car was unregistered and uninsured and had recently been defected and the defect label had been removed.

The 32 year old has since  had his car impounded and has been charged for numerous traffic offences including using a pan as a steering wheel.

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