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Police Officer Attacks Car In Case Of ‘Mistaken identity’

Metropolitian police said they have launched an investigation into the incident, which involved two uniformed officers at about 5pm in Camden, North London.

The shocking incident was uploaded online by Leon Fontana, who is believed to be a former member of UK band So Solid Crew, on September 16, the Huffington Post reported.

The video begins with a police officer shouting at the driver to get out of the vehicle multiple times before he grabs hold of an open window and attempts to pull the door open.

"You're not allowed to drive it", the officer yells before swinging what appears to be a baton at the car four times.

"Get out of the car", he yells again while hitting the side of the window.

The man inside the car appears to taunt the officer and says: "I've got a licence. I've got a licence, I've got insurance."

Next, the officer moves to the front of the car and smashes in the windscreen.

"You're smashing this for no reason. Look, look what they are doing to my car," the driver yelled.

"What's the problem officer. Why ain't I allowed to drive the car?"

The officer replies back: "You're disqualified. You're not allowed to drive."

Once the officer stopped smashing in the front windscreen, he began sawing at it with a pen knife.

Eventually, the driver gets out of the vehicle and quickly says, "I'm not TJ, I'm not TJ" before another police officer orders him back into the car.

Another officer then asks the driver what his name is to which he replied "I'm not TJ"

The driver then asks the officer if he knows what he has just done and the officers replies: "I've done absolutely nothing, I just need to know who you are."

When the footage came to a halt, the driver tells the police that his name is Leon.

"Leon that's it,” the officer says.

"I’ve not seen you in a long time fella."

It is believed the incident was a case of a mistaken identity and Metropolitan Police said they were aware of a situation and the video would be investigated by the Directorate of Professional Standards.

Police also revealed that the officers involved have not been suspended..

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