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Road Raging Biker Escapes Getting Hammered

I have seen many road raging clips but this incident that went down on September 6 in Vernon, Los Angeles, California involving a Lucky sportsbiker and another man in a sedan basically expresses the term, ROAD RAGE. 

What seems to start out as a fairly controlled dispute between a guy on a sportbike and dude in a sedan devolves into combat when the biker smashes the car’s window with his helmet, and the driver goes after him with a hammer.

The climax of the altercation plays out on this dashcam video, which starts when the Nissan Sentra sedan on the right seems to stop a little short.

There is a loud engine revving from a motorcycle then the car’s driver makes a gesture out his window from there is some sort of conflict seen escalating between the person in this car and whoever’s behind him.

The biker walks up to the car’s driver window, and his body language seems relatively calm as the two apparently converse. But when the car window rolls up the biker appears to get properly pissed off—knocking the Nissan’s mirror and punching the door.

As he’s apparently walking back to his bike, he decides to push things a step further and smashes the rear window with his helmet. Almost immediately, you see the trunk pop and the Sentra guy goes for a hammer and takes a strong swipe at the motorcyclist but to my utmost dismay misses the runaway biker as he powers off through the intersection and out of sight, probably feeling victorious.

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