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The Best Ride To Your Grave Is A Maseratti Ghibli Hearse

Luxury is not only for the living but also for the dead who left alot of quid in the bank, atleast that is what I believe Ellena was thinking when they transformed a Maseratti Ghibli into a Hearse. Ellena is an Italian custom car fabricator that specializes in transforming cars like the Mercedes E-Class, the Maserati Ghibli, and a Chrysler 300, into cars that suit the needs of the dead. 

To make the Ghibli suitable as a hearse, its rear end is chopped off and then extended severely before a huge top is inserted over the stretched and exposed backside. The wheelbase is extended as well in order to keep the driving dynamics balanced given the extra length. Rear seats and the driver’s area are still present, spacious, and luxurious, perhaps in attempts to distract grieving family members or to keep the luxury theme going.

It’s unclear if the engine gets any upgrades, but I doubt if the Ghibli’s new job will rarely be preformed near the speed limit. To help pallbearers do their jobs the tailgate is automatic and the interior gets dual zone climate control with a nice sound system upgrade.

So see more photos below and start rewriting your will;

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